Brilbeck’s has been a bottle shop in Syracuse as long as I can remember. It is a one of those ‘In the Know’ places where you can find some of the best craft brews. Recently it was purchased by a new owner Jason Purdy. Jason was going to expand not only the bottle shop portion of the store but also add a tap room where someone can go enjoy a pint or fill a growler. Jason’s new name for the spot is Now & Later. He gave me a call to me to help him come up with a logo for the new establishment.

He talked with me about what he planned for an interior design, with reclaimed wood and steel pipes. He wanted the logo to give off the same vibe. Using pipes as a main design element and bending them into an ampersand thought fitting. After examining the negative space I thought a pint glass could be tasty tucked inside, with a little beer swashing. I was really stoked on this project, not only because of subject matter but I got to add some fresh design to a locally loved establishment.